«Prayer is an extraordinary gift that Heavenly our Father has given to every soul. Think about it: The absolute Supreme Being, the most omniscient, omnipresent and most powerful, encourages you and me as we are, to converse with Him as our Father.


Actually by virtue of him knowing how hard we need His guidance.   No matter what our circumstances, whether we are humble or arrogant, poor or rich, free or slaves, learned or illiterate, loved or ignored, we can all turn to Him. We don't have to ask for a shift.


Our prayer may be brief or last as long as it takes. It can be a long expression of love and gratitude or a pressing plea to seek help. He has created countless universes and populated them with worlds. Still, you and I can talk to Him personally, and He will always answer us. 


He will always hear your prayers and invariably answer them; However, very rarely will you receive His answers while you are still on your knees, even when you beg for an immediate response; but you will receive inspiration in moments of silence when the Spirit can more effectively reach your mind and heart» 

                                                                                                          Richard G. Scott

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