The reproach, the taunts with hurtful sarcasms full of hate, the punches, the spits and nauseating sputums thrown on his face, the contempt, the slander, the whippings on his back, the thorns nailed to his head by that dreadful crown, the pulls that made his beard cruel men.

The deep pain caused by the nails shattering their tendons and tearing apart their bones and flesh, coupled with numerous humiliations, intense thirst on the cross, offenses and deep loneliness, rejection and ingratitude, when their sincere intention was to save and redeem them, left him feelings that by many their great sacrifice would be a waste.

So for all this, Jesus said: "They have broken my heart and [have] left me fully grieved; I waited for someone to feel sorry for me, and there was no one; and by dils and none I found" (Psalm 69:20)...

So no one of us can teach Jesus Christ anything about anguish, ingratitude, and depression.


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