Architecture of a successful and happy personality...


Sculping character - the most wonderful sculpture in the world. Programming the most sophisticated computer in the universe: The Human Brain.


Plan life with purpose: If you don't plan to succeed, you have already planned to fail.


Developing the mindset and traits of a winner, a leader, a champion. Power of thoughts in the configuration of character, quality of life and destiny.


 Fighting depression, despair and discouragement.


Making wise decisions because their impact and importance on our circumstances and destinations.


Bravely facing the adversity, setbacks and difficulties of life. Eliminating failure.


Defeating pornography and harmful vices.


Procrastination of things, weapon destroying achievements.


Find the right spouse. Education: Effective tool to face maturity and old age.


He who does not live to serve does not serve to live.


Eliminating verbal and sexual abuse - emotional healing.


Stripping us of the weaknesses and flaws that prevent us from being happy.


 Soul nutrition: The best food to conquer a happy life.


Conquering true greatness.


The weak and simple also have their strengths.


Awareness to the "dwarves" that they are actually giants.


In the colossal cog of the universe, the "small and weak" also make a great and powerful contribution.


Building a great and happy heritage for our descendants.


Thoughts, ideals and projects of the greats of humanity.


The power and greatness that confers simplicity and humility.


It is very important what we gain from our work, but even more so is who we are becoming by developing such work.


Let us focus on satisfying the cares of the soul more than those of the flesh.


Destroying the fetish of our vileness. Emulating the virtues of humanity's great characters.

Father, Mother: Can you listen to help me face the challenges of my life?

Wiping the dirt from our hearts.

Developing genuine friendships.

One of the best treasures we can have.

Let us prepare to face problems and adversity.

The not-so-secret secrets of an abundant and happy life.

Good mood: Great shock absorber for the blows of life.

Defeating the enemy hidden within us.

Fighting our Goliaths.


Formation of an excellent family: Our best contribution to society.

Small things are born the big ones. Raising our levels of excellence.

Healing our emotional wounds.

Apply righteous principles one of life's best storm shelters.

Abandoning our thoughtless acts. Repair of the shatters in our existence.

The power of prayer in communication with infinity.

Walk the path of virtues, the best route to happiness.

Clinging to correct principles in times of difficulty and uncertainties.

The infinite value of the individual, however humble or little evolved.
Inner peace: One of the greatest riches of the soul.
Psychology of the knowledge of others to avoid their potential deceptions.
Safely navigating the storms of life. Preparation: Effective instrument to avoid fear.
Avoiding debt and thoughtless financial adventures.
Wise behavior in the midst of a wicked world.
Importance of proper sexuality because of its impact on happiness.
Reaching the maximum of our potential.

Destroyers and invisible predators of happiness.

Hurricanes that destroy peace of mind.

Sense of direction in life: Vital element for achievement.


Low passions are the archenemies of happiness.

Our decisions determine our destinies.


Power of righteousness in the conquest of excellence and happiness.

Humanity has the right to life, freedom and the pursuit of happiness.

Eliminating our low passions.

Wise choice of friendships for the impact of their personality traits on the quality of our character.


Development of our inner quality and deserve the quality of the spouse we are looking for.

Destroying the barriers that prevent us from being happy.

Rising from poverty to abundance.


Let's make a mark on humanity.


Let's be builders of history.


Developing mastery in being self-sufficient.


"No success in life makes up for failure at home" David O. Mckay.


Power of mental and physical purity.


Refine and perfect character, the most important activity in life.


Mastering financial principles.


Genuinely seeking the happiness of others, an effective recipe in finding our own happiness.



Words build but the example is the one that move us to actually action.


Discovering the Acres of Diamonds that lie inside our souls.


Causes of poor self-image.


Man's flight through life is sustained by the wings of his knowledge.

There is no greater battle won over evil than when a grievance starts from someone goodness starts from us - Tillotson.


Steps to improve poor self-image. Correct anger management.


Aging with dignity.

Hundreds of other titles that help us become better people.


Our topics help to improve us in six areas namely: Spiritual - Mental - Physical - financial -Social and Family.


In other words, anything that builds us, refines and makes our souls more sublime.






  Formación de una familia excelente: Nuestra mejor contribución a la sociedad.


  De las cosas pequeñas nacen las grandes.


  Elevando nuestros niveles de excelencia.


  Sanando nuestras heridas emocionales.


  Aplicación de principios correctos uno de los mejores refugios para las tormentas     de la vida.


  Abandonando nuestros actos irreflexivos.


  Reparación de los añicos en nuestras vidas.


   El poder de la plegaria en la comunicación con el infinito.


  Transitar por el sendero de las virtudes, la mejor ruta a la felicidad.


  Aferrádonos a principios correctos en tiempos de dificultad e incertidumbres.