S T A R T   B U I L D I N G   A G A I N

There is a temple in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah, that has a peculiar history. For nearly two years enduring poverty and hardship, Mormons placed the sandstone bases 2.4 meters deep.

Emotionally stunned remained the leader of that religious community, Brigham Young, when the director of the work informed him that because the foundations had been broken, two options remained for the building of the sacred temple.

First: Build a smaller temple with much less weight than originally planned. Second, start over and lose all the work they had done during those two years.

Brigham Young, opted for the second option by starting all over again. This story teaches us that just as the foundations of a building must be solid, the building of character must be done on the solid and firm foundation of integrity.

A fissure in this virtuous trait would jeopardize the construction of a noble, fine character with divinity traits. Without such a cracked foundation, symbolizing imperfections in character, the weight of a majestic building cannot be borne.

It is also so when building character, how can we build the virtue of humility if pride does not allow us to recognize our weaknesses?

How can we build or develop the virtue of charity by being dishonest to our fellowmen, but on the contrary we take advantage of them?

How can we improve and correct ourselves, if we are liars and hide from others hypocritically and incorrectly our flaws?

Certainly integrity is at the root and basis of all virtue. Another very important factor in integrity is that it is makes decisions based on eternal implications. Many of our decisions if we are not wise will be made on the basis of immediate satisfactions, sacrificing things or values that will come out very costly in the long run.

Tad R. Callister, Integrity: Foundation of a Life

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