T H E  P O W E R  O F  T H E  T H O U G H T S

T O   C O N F I G U R E  Y O U R 


     T H O U G H T  I S  A  R E A L  


«The slightest thought either good or bad changes the brain structure leaving its revealing work... every thought that is repeated tends to set up a habit.  So, if we hold in our minds a thought with persistence until it comes to form grooves in brain tissue, such a thought will change our character in the direction in which he has led us»  William James                                                                                      

 «Man is the result of the sum of what he thinks and does. The habit is the instrument that shapes his character and makes him essentially what he is. The habit can become a monster to smear and destroy, however proper behavioral traits can bring lasting achievement and joy»  Alvin R. Dyer


«He who lives constantly filling his mind with high and noble thoughts, who lives above all that is pure and altruistic, in a way as sure as the sun reaches its zenith and the moon becomes full, he will become in due time, wise and noble in character and will rise to a position of influence and happiness»  James Allen   



«I believe that thought is a real being, endowed with a body, wings and breath; this to the world by us is sent to fill it with its good or bad result. Our secret thought, so called, goes from us to the most secluded corner, leaving blessings or misfortunes as traces behind where it passes.

Our future thought is working, without knowing what is going on, but the universe thus was formed. Thought is another name of destiny; choose, for your luck and your way, that from spite comes resentment, more from love, divine love»  Henry Van Dyke

«A person's complex character is the total sum of his thoughts» James Allen


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